Valerá a pena construir barragens em Cabo Verde?

Por António Sobrinho

O governo de Cabo Verde, confrontado com o fenómeno das alterações climáticas, aprovou um conjunto de medidas que visam o aproveitamento integrado dos seus recursos hídricos. Na sua estratégia de adaptação às alterações climáticas recuperou uma ideia antiga relativa ao aproveitamento das águas superficiais das suas ribeiras, decidindo construir, até 2017, “cerca de 17 barragens, 29 diques e mais de 70 furos, visando obter 75 milhões de m3/ano de água para rega e consumo doméstico”, conforme referem SHAHIDIAN et alia (2014). Continuar a ler


On moral action for the sake of humanness and humanity

By Tim O’Riordan

I do not believe what I am about to suggest will happen. Nevertheless I feel it is timely to express it. I am a Gaianist, in that I subscribe to the provable evidence of an almost miraculous self-organising and self-perpetuating planet. We appear to be in stage two of the Gaian journey. The beginning was the microbial age of single celled biota which still colonise the microbiomes of our internal life giving functions. The second age of the more sophisticated many celled biota led eventually to the emergence of humanity. We seem to be heading towards the end of this age. What looms is a third Gaian age of a planet which is essentially post human. This could emerge within the coming thousand years. By post human I posit a species which has essentially lost any moral concern for the viability of its offspring, nor has the capability of being able to create the conditions for meaningful survival of the remaining human race. In essence that third Gaian age heralds the emergence of a species that can only live for its own existence. The humanness of caring, sharing and reciprocating will have atrophied. The essence of sustainability, namely providing both the conditions and the capabilities for future generations to live sustainably, will have been lost.

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