Too much of technological optimism, too little of societal transformation. Is this a decisive crossroad for the U.S. on climate?

By Mônica Prado

For three days, I have immersed myself in the climate leadership training in Los Angeles, CA, USA, promoted by Climate Reality Project, a non-profit international organization dedicated to education and advocacy. Now I have a green circular button I can use as a global identification – a symbol that allows me to be named a climate leader and to be part of a global community of more than seventeen thousand people. Mine was the 39th climate leadership training and the largest already within a thread that began with the historical meeting held in 2006 outside of a barn in a farm with no more than twelve people sitting around in wood benches. Al Gore was and still is in command. He is the leader of a crowd in the U.S. eager for transformation, one of its kind, and the tactics of the Climate Reality Project rely on interpersonal communication, innovative technology and business trade. The goal is to create individual and societal support for strengthening the U.S. position as one of the players on the global effort to decarbonize the economy.

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