INFORMALITY IN PRACTICE – Guidelines for contributors

Café no Camino de Ferro, Zaballen, Cairo
Café on a railroad track, Zaballen, Cairo (Alessandro Colombo).


For those of you that would like to write a post


Informality complements formal arrangements – but the reverse is also true. In this spirit, here’s a few ground rules for those who wish to contribute (rules that we’ll be glad to break if need be, but still…):

– Read (all) the other posts, as they will give you an idea of what we’re after – and try to link your story to the others.

– Tell us about your ideas rather than sending a finished post. Ideally, we would like to work with you for developing the final version of the post.

– Each post will have a title; it should tell a story and say what is important about it – even better, what we can learn from it. Finally, you should suggest a few (3-4) keywords for each post.

– Every post should be a self-contained unit, and a stand-alone piece; your story should be told in the simplest, most straightforward and factual way; posts that indulge in the use of jargon or any kind of academic bullshitting will not be published. Also, try hard not to be boring.

– The source of the story can be whatever you want: something you observed in your neighborhood, ethnographic vignettes from your work or from the work of others, literature and cinema, and so forth.

– Keep it short, as we aim at publishing posts between 500 and 1,000 words) – but tell the whole story; if you have additional material (e.g. further readings on the topic), try to condense it into a brief list of links that will be placed at the end of the post.

– Use whatever media you want (newspaper articles, pictures, art, music videos, videogames, etc.) to illustrate and add flesh to your story.

For additional info, questions, doubts, etc.: